Together with the University of Innsbruck Windtex Europe has created a test laboratory to ensure high quality of its fabrics.

Primary Goals and Objectives for our test lab:

  • Analysis of fibers, yarns, woven and knitted products in accordance with international standards
  • Evaluation of the product’s conformity
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Identifying solutions for process problems

Some of our test include:

  • Hydrostatic Water Pressure Test

This is the test where we measure a material for waterproofness and water resistance. What we measure in a standard test is the water pressure, which is increased steadily until the third water drop shows on the surface. We also measure, in a second set-up, the waterproofness of the textiles at a given time and pressure.

  • Martindale Method

Test fabrics are rubbed against each other as we test for durability. The more durable a fabric, the higher the rubs it can endure. We are able to determine from these tests:

  • What the abrasion of the fabric is after a determined number of cycles
  • The number of cycles a fabric can endure before the maximum is reached (or until the fabric is no longer good)
  • Orbital Snagging Test

The objective of this test is to determine the snagging or the fabric pilling behavior. The fabrics are stress tested, using “Snag Pods” which utilize four snagging bars and are scheduled for 3.000 revolutions.

  • Spray Rating Test

This is a test to measure the water resistance of the fabric or material. 250 ml of water is poured through a funnel and we evaluate the water repellency of the tested fabric comparing the test results with the standardized table.